Cutting-edge techniques to study neurodevelopment

Suspension mass cytometry – single-cell cytometric technique that quantitatively assesses 40+ proteins simultaneously in individual cells (Bendall et al., 2011). Pairs flow cytometry with mass spec. As if we can do 40 western blots on single cells, 1 million cells per hour, cheaply. Powerful technique for high throughput interrogation of multiple signaling pathways simultaneously.

Imaging mass cytometry – tissue staining technique that quantitatively assess 40+ proteins in a single tissue section (Giesen et al., 2014). Pairs immunohistochemistry with mass spec to multiplex staining. Powerful technology to study signaling and neural activity in vivo.

i-GONAD – Generate transgenic mammalian lines in the lab (Ohtsuka et al., 2018). Procedure is cheap and easily to learn and is democraticizing the generation of mouse genetic mutants. We will use i-GONAD to generate humanized disease mouse mutants to complement our research.